Book Review: The Darkest Temptation

The Darkest Temptation is the third and latest book in the Made series by Danielle Lori. I wrote about The Sweetest Oblivion and The Maddest Obsession, books 1 & 2 in the series respectively, earlier this summer.

To briefly recap so you can see how this story fits into the series – The Sweetest Oblivion follows Elena Abelli and Nico Russo. Nico is the don or head of the Russo family in the mafia in New York City. Elena is from another mafia family in NYC and their marriage unites the two families. In that novel we are introduced to Gianna – part of the Russo family – and Christian Allister – a powerful FBI agent who works with the mafia and does whatever the FBI needs him to do. The Maddest Obsession follows Gianna and Christian where *spoiler alert* we learn that Christian is actually Russian and his brother is a big player in the Bratva back in Moscow (Russian mob).

Now that leads us to The Darkest Temptation. The Darkest Temptation follows Mila and Ronan. Ronan is Christian’s brother! Mila is a very sheltered young woman, living in Miami. She knows she was born in Moscow and came to the states when she was really young. She knows her father does a lot of business in Russia and is often away. She oftentimes doesn’t see him for months at a time. But she doesn’t really know what he does and has never really wondered. When she hasn’t seen him in a while and he even forgets to call her on her birthday she begins to worry. She decides she’s going to go to Moscow to find him. Sneaking away from her bodyguards and escaping from her gated property, she heads to Russia where she is quickly confronted with the issue of having no idea where to even go once she gets to Russia or how to go about looking for her father.

It doesn’t take long for Ronan to grab Mila and use her to get her father to turn himself over since he is an enemy of Ronan’s. Mila is held captive in Ronan’s remote estate where she learns more about herself, Ronan, and the truth about her parents all while the two begin to fall in love with each other.

I really liked this story, but Mila is definitely my least favorite of the 3 female main characters in this series so far. I love Elena and Gianna and Mila is alright. She’s just not the brightest – like why would you think it’s a great idea to go to Moscow – in the winter – in your Miami clothes? I do love Ronan though and would say he’s on par with Nico and Christian, though Nico will always be my fav.

I did enjoy seeing Mila start to unravel the truth about her parents and her past and loved that even though her father is Ronan’s enemy, Ronan tried to shield her from the truth because he knows she loves her father and he didn’t want to hurt her.

It’s not my favorite of the series, but I still liked it. If you’re looking for a mafia romance with forced proximity then I recommend this one!

As mentioned earlier, this is the latest book in the Made series, but the author does intend to write more books in the series.

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