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August 2022 Favorites

Well summer is unofficially (but officially) over, because I went back to work yesterday. Summer always flies by. So here we are with my August favorites already.

As mentioned yesterday, I got new dust jackets for my Throne of Glass books, which I promise to do a post on next week with more photos, but I wanted to mention them in my favorites for this month.

My next favorite is a snack I’ve been loving lately – brie with fig spread on bagel chips. I love brie with some sort of fruit spread. Last year or the year before my hair stylist gifted me some homemade fig jam that was so delicious. I found this spread at the supermarket a couple weeks ago and it tastes almost as good! I usually like to eat my brie on little melba toasts, but the supermarket was out of the plain ones and only had roasted garlic flavored ones which I thought would not taste very good with brie and fig spread so I bought bagel chips and they actually work great!

My birthday was this month and I didn’t take any photos of my birthday cake or any desserts from my birthday lunch and dinner, but to represent those I did take this photo of this delicious little cupcake at my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower.

My last 2 favorites are tv shows. I watched the miniseries The Offer on Paramount+, which depicted everything they went through to get The Godfather movie made. It was really good!

The other tv show was season 3 of Never Have I Ever. Still such a good show! The show makes me both laugh and cry and I love it.

Those are the things I loved the most this month!

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