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Throne of Glass: Fenrys Appreciation

The song I listened to the most on Spotify in August is the Pentatonix cover of “Sound of Silence”. There are some minor spoilers in this post for Throne of Glass: Kingdom of Ash so read on at your own risk!

When I was listening to the song it made me think initially of Aelin when she was held captive by Maeve, forced to wear an iron mask, and being tortured by Cairn. But then, I thought about how Fenrys. Fenrys doesn’t get nearly enough love on bookstagram in my opinion. He’s part of the cadre and was forced to stay in wolf form and watch Aelin getting tortured. He and Aelin formed a really special bond during this time and started communicating with each other with their blinks.

“One blink for ‘yes’. Two for ‘no’. Three for ‘Are you all right?’ Four for ‘I am here. I am with you.’ Five for ‘This is real. You are awake.'”

“He’d sat in a stone room for two months, witness to what they’d done to a young queen’s body, her spirit. Had been unable to help her as she’d screamed and screamed. He’d never stop hearing those screams.”

So this post is for Fenrys Moonbeam!

P.S. I got the beautiful dust jacket for this book as a birthday gift to myself and plan to do a whole post about them next week!

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