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Book Review: In the Weeds

In The Weeds by B.K. Borison is the second book in the Lovelight Farms series. The first book, Lovelight Farms, is about Stella and Luka and takes place during the holidays – fitting since Lovelight Farms is primarily a Christmas tree farm. I read it in July for my Christmas in July read. I really liked Lovelight Farms and was excited to read In The Weeds, which is the love story for Beckett and Evelyn. I knew I would like the book, but I was not prepared for how much I would love it!

In Lovelight Farms we are introduced to Beckett and Evelyn. Beckett is partners with Stella and Layla at Lovelight Farms. He oversees the actual farming. When the farm falls on hard times, Stella enters a social media contest to get some publicity for the farm. The contest is run by social media influencer, Evelyn St. James. What Beckett and Evelyn don’t realize until Evelyn shows up for a visit is that they met back in August in Maine and had a weekend long fling. Evelyn was in town visiting since she is primarily a travel influencer and Beckett was there for a farming convention. Their passionate weekend ended abruptly when Evelyn panicked and left early in the morning before Beckett woke up. In Lovelight Farms they agree to be grown ups and friendly with each other for the sake of the contest and farm.

When In the Weeds picks up, it’s been a few months since Christmas. Evelyn and Beckett both still think of each other all the time, but neither knows how the other feels thinking they’re the only one with feelings for the other. Evelyn is feeling burnt out and tired of her social media career. Thinking back to when she was last happy, she decides to go back to Inglewild, the town where Lovelight Farms is, and find her happy. Of course, the Inn and hotels in the surrounding area are all booked up with her impromptu trip to Inglewild and Beckett just so happens to be outside the Inn when she exits. Not wanting to have to sleep in her car, she takes Beckett up on his offer of staying in his guest room.

Beckett is a bit of a grump, but he is internally overjoyed that Evelyn is back, but will she stay? Evelyn loves being around Beckett, but can he ever get over the fact that she left him when they first got together? Can he help her find her happy?

I absolutely loved the book and Beckett and Evelyn. I could see where they were both coming from with their nerves and what they were afraid of when it came to their feelings for each other. But despite it all, you could tell how much they loved each other even if they couldn’t tell themselves at times!

I highly recommend this if you like the second chance romance and/or forced proximity tropes!

I can’t wait for the next installment about Layla and Caleb!

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