Book Review: Against Dark Tides

It’s no surprise that I’m behind on my reading since my health fiasco began over a week ago, but my books did keep me some company when I was in the hospital for a couple days. The book I read the most while I was there was Against Dark Tides, the second book in the Beneath Black Sails series by Clare Sager.

I really enjoyed this second book in the series. Vice and Knigh know each other’s secrets now, but things are still difficult for them. They both really want to be with one another, but there is also a lot of hurt there. They’re not sure if they can trust each other or forgive each other. And in some instances they don’t know if they can forgive themselves either. This book is full of angst. Full. Of. It. It’s so good but also maddening at times!

In the midst of all the angst, their quest to find Drake’s treasure continues as well as other drama, betrayal, Vice learning more about her sea witch magic, and encountering more bad guys on the high seas.

I just started book 3 last night and can’t wait to see what happens next!

Read this series if you want an angsty, fantasy, pirate romance with some spice.

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