Book Review: The True Love Experiment

Earlier this year I read Christina Lauren’s The Soulmate Equation and loved it. The best friend to the main character in that was Fizzy and I loved her character so when Christina Lauren released The True Love Experiment focusing on Fizzy I knew I would be a big fan!

Felicity Chen or Fizzy is a romance author in her late 30s. She has spent years having fun going on dates, hooking up with guys, and writing steamy romances. But after delivering a commencement address she realizes she hasn’t been practicing what she preaches. She might write about love, but she has never been in love herself. Starting to suddenly feel the pressure of finding love she has not been able to write at all.

Connor Prince is a British producer living in San Diego. He makes documentaries, but when the production company/network he works for assigns him to creating a new reality dating show he has no choice but to do it since he needs the job and doesn’t want to have to go back to LA where he wouldn’t be near his young daughter. When looking for ideas for the show he remembers his ex-wife’s obsession with the romance novels written by Felicity Chen when he sees them on her bookshelves. When he sees her author photo is of the woman he saw from a distance recently at a bar and thought was gorgeous, he has the idea to have her be the star of the dating show. Not only that, but the show would use the technology River created in The Soulmate Equation to find Fizzy’s matches.

He convinces Fizzy to do the show as long as he meets her demands (he has to cast people that fit into the archetypes she lists). Connor and Fizzy have undeniable sizzling chemistry and get along so well. On top of that they are wildly attracted to one another. But, they have a job to do. Can Fizzy find love on the show when the only person she’s interested in is Connor? Can Connor put his feelings for Fizzy aside and help her find her soulmate aka do his job?

I loved this book. Fizzy is my hero! I love her and although I’m not as big of a dater as her I can relate to her background (Asian American, parents from Hong Kong, in her 30s, etc.) and love how confident, sassy, and badass she is. Connor is also an amazing character and I love that Christina Lauren made him flawed. He is a great book boyfriend not because he’s perfect, but because he’s not perfect and has messed up in the past but shows how much he has matured since his younger days and holds himself accountable. He and Fizzy together are electric! Their chemistry is top notch and their banter is so good. I also love that Connor’s daughter, Stevie, and Jess & River’s daughter, Juno are good friends!

Read this book if you want a spicy romcom with the work place romance trope and sort of the forbidden romance trope.

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