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5 Of the Best Ways to Protect Your Hearing

Feeling and looking youthful becomes much more challenging the older you get. Some people accept it, while others prefer to boost their self-esteem by dyeing their hair or exploring other measures. But while cosmetic surgery and anti-wrinkle cream can make you look younger, other issues can affect you as you get older. Hearing loss is a significant problem, affecting around 20 million people in the U.S.A., but many people don’t know how to protect their hearing. 

Turn the Volume Down 

While cranking the volume up and dancing around your house is a great way to relieve stress, it could also damage your hearing severely. Just 100 decibels puts you at risk of hearing loss, so you need to be careful when listening to music or podcasts on your headphones. The same goes for the television at home. While low dialog could be a sound mixing issue, experiencing this on multiple shows may be a sign that you are already experiencing hearing loss. 

Wear Ear Plugs to Concerts and Movies 

Whether you love going to gigs or the movies or both, you should embrace the benefits of ear plugs which are crucial for reducing the effects of loud noises but are designed in a way that does not affect your experience. You can even purchase custom earplugs that fit your ear canal perfectly to ensure they are comfortable and effective. 

Purchase Quiet Products

You don’t want to wear earplugs or defenders around the house doing basic chores, so consider purchasing products designed to be quiet. Everyday essentials like vacuum cleaners are now much quieter than back in the day. You can also purchase tools that do not whirr as loudly. You may still need to protect your ears in enclosed spaces, but these quiet products can make a huge difference in protecting your hearing. 

Clean Your Ears 

Although some hearing issues come from old age or disease, they can also occur because your ear canal is blocked. Cleaning your ears regularly (not using Q-tips) can keep your ear canal clean and clear, which will prevent significant hearing issues and help you avoid medical treatment should the blockage become too much for you to remove by yourself. 

Look After Your Hearing Devices 

You may already need hearing aids due to aging or other issues. Despite this, there are still steps you can take to prevent further hearing damage. Your audiologist should have outlined environments you should avoid or ensure your hearing is protected sufficiently, yet you should still be able to socialize or attend events you enjoy, like a football game. Taking care of your hearing devices makes this possible, as you can adjust the volume to suit the environment. Use an at home hearing aid dryer to ensure your devices are always ready and take care of them when you’re not wearing them, such as overnight.

Crystal Clear 

Hearing loss can affect you more than you might expect. Music is not as immersive. You can struggle to keep up with conversations. There’s a chance of feeling and becoming isolated. By remembering these tips, you can keep your hearing in excellent shape for as long as possible. 

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