Book Review: Through Dark Storms

I finished the fourth and last book in the Beneath Black Sails series by Clare Sager a couple days ago – Through Dark Storms. It was a great conclusion to the series but did leave some things open and since I literally just learned recently that this series is related to Clare Sager’s popular A Kiss of Iron books I wonder if those things are addressed in that series?!

This review will be brief so I don’t spoil any of the previous books in the series too much!

Through Dark Storms picks up where Under Black Skies left off. Vice is separated from Knigh and her friends/crew after the Battle of Nassau. This isn’t really a spoiler, because you know they have to be reunited so yes, they are reunited and the majority of the book is about Vice and Knigh finally being together, in love, and needing to lead thousands of people to safety and a new home. Can they find a safe place that the Royal Navy and Mercia won’t find and harm them? Can the clues for Drake’s treasure lead them to a safe place? Vice and Knigh work together to try to lead everyone to safety while battling old enemies and fighting new monsters.

I loved the book and was so happy that Vice and Knigh were finally really together and not denying their feelings for each other anymore. It was a great ending for them, but as I mentioned at the beginning of this post there are some things that are left open-ended and I wonder if those things are addressed in the A Kiss of Iron series since the main character in that series is Vice’s sister! A Kiss of Iron has been on my tbr but now that I know the two are related I may need to bump it up!

Anyway I loved this book and really enjoyed this pirate fantasy romance series!

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