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Book Review: Beneath Black Sails

Another pirate romance book to add to my summer of pirates! I first heard of the Beneath Black Sails series a couple months ago from bookstagrammer Charliesbookrecs when she was talking about her love for the author, Clare Sager. I immediately added the pirate romance fantasy to my summer tbr.

The book is a dual POV and follows Vice, a young woman and pirate who also has fae blood with weather magic, and Knigh Blackwood, a pirate hunter in the Royal Navy. Vice wants to be the captain of her own ship more than anything. Knigh wants to capture Vice as there is a large bounty for her and he needs the money to pay off his family’s debts thanks to his father and return his upper class family to their good name. Vice and Knigh should be enemies but when a deal is struck between her captain and the Royal Navy making them privateers for the Queen they must work closely together. Maybe searching for a rumored long lost treasure will answer all their prayers.

This was such a fun read and I love Vice and Knigh. There were also so many plot twists too! And I actually loved the twists. There were moments where I felt like Knigh was annoyingly oblivious to things, but I think he’ll get a lot better and a little quicker about picking up on things in the future books in the series.

Read this if you want a spicy pirate fantasy romance with the enemies to lovers and forced proximity tropes. There is also sort of another trope, but I can’t say without spoiling!

I’m planning to read book 2 next week!

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