Book Review: Under Black Skies

Last week I read the third book in the Beneath Black Sails series, Under Black Skies, by Clare Sager and loved it just as much as the first two books – probably a little more!

Under Black Skies picks up where Against Dark Tides left off. Vice and Knigh, although totally having feelings for each other, have stuck with their “just friends” rule. The two and their friends and crew continue to follow clues to find Drake’s treasure. Meanwhile, they’re still trying to avoid Mercia at all costs because the prince and corrupt leader of the royal navy wants to torture Knigh and use Vice’s sea witch powers.

The angst in Against Dark Tides was killing me and there was angst in this one too, but thankfully it wasn’t as angsty/tension filled and Knigh and Vice finally started to be honest with each other which made me so happy! I love their story and them finding each other again! The novel leads up to a huge battle that had me on the edge of my seat and the cliffhanger was a bit of a heartbreaker. But, I’ve seen that Clare Sager said it’s a happy ending so I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up in the last book!

Read this series if you want a spicy, pirate fantasy romance with the forced proximity and second chance romance tropes.

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