Book Review: The Worst Best Man

I’m a big Lucy Score fan and after reading what are probably her two most popular books, Things We Never Got Over and Things We Hide from the Light, I’ve been slowly reading more of her back list. She has written so many books!

I got The Worst Best Man for my Kindle before I left for vacation and started reading it on the plane ride home. It was a really fun read!

The novel is a dual POV and follows Franchesca Baranski and Aiden Kilbourn. Franchesca or Frankie is in her mid thirties, born and bred in Brooklyn, the daughter of deli shop owners, and works part time at a small business development center while getting her MBA. Aiden is a hard working billionaire who works for his family’s corporation. The two normally wouldn’t cross paths with Aiden being a serial bachelor and socializing with Manhattan’s elite when he’s not working and Frankie working and living in Brooklyn with student loans and rent to pay. But, Frankie’s best friend is one of Manhattan’s elite. Pru and Frankie met as freshman at NYU and have been best friends ever since. Now Frankie is Pru’s maid of honor at her destination wedding to fellow millionaire, Chip, and Aiden is Chip’s best friend and best man.

Everything that could go wrong with the wedding does, but nothing fazes Frankie. She can handle fighting relatives, catty bridesmaids, drunk groomsmen, a kidnapped groom, and more. But can she handle her attraction to Aiden? Aiden is also instantly attracted to Frankie, but she isn’t like the women he’s used to who are throwing themselves at him. Frankie plays hard to get because she doesn’t want to be just another fling for him. But Aiden isn’t one to give up. Once they return to New York will they be able to make it work or will their lives be too different to work together?

I loved the storyline and Frankie and Aiden were great characters. I loved how strong and determined Frankie was and Aiden was actually not a rich jerk. He was actually a really good guy from start to finish. Pru and Chip were great side characters and I love the two best friends and two best friends ending up together. Frankie’s brothers were great comedic relief too!

Read this if you want a spicy billionaire romcom!

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