Book Review: Things We Hide from the Light

I was so happy to be back in Knockemout for Things We Hide from the Light by Lucy Score.

Things We Hide from the Light picks up where Things We Never Got Over left off. Nash, Knox’s brother, is the Chief of Police and in the first book he was shot twice and almost died. Lina who we met towards the end of first book, is one of Knox’s best friends and they briefly dated 20 years ago.

When the book begins, Naomi and Waylay are fresh from getting rescued by Knox and co after they were kidnapped. Naomi and Knox are planning their wedding and everything seems to be good and happy, but what no one knows is Knox has been having panic attacks and nightmares about almost bleeding out in a ditch after he was shot.The only thing that seems to calm him down and take away his anxiety is Lina Solavita. Nash has always been the kind of guy who is just inherently good and is looking for a serious relationship so he can settle down and get married. Lina has never been interested in something serious or settling down. That’s why she works as an insurance investigator, practically living out of a suitcase most of the time as she chases after bad guys and recovers stolen assets. But can Nash be the one to change her mind about relationships? Can Lina help him through his PTSD and be happy again? Will Nash be okay when he finds out that Lina is in town because she’s coincidentally after the same guy who tried to kill him?

I loved this book. Nash and Lina were so good together and such good characters. Nash is such a good guy and Lina is a strong, independent badass. But it was nice to see her let her walls come down and be vulnerable. It was also really sweet to see her become such good friends with Naomi and Sloane since she’s not used to having friends either.

I did like Things We Never Got Over a little bit more than this one. I just felt more invested in Knox and Naomi for some reason, but I still really loved this book! Now I can’t wait for Lucian and Sloane’s book this fall!

Read this if you’re in the mood for a spicy contemporary romance with brother’s best friend and forced proximity vibes, but definitely read Things We Never Got Over first!

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