Book Spotlight: The Lady in the Woods

I was sent a copy of romantic suspense novel, The Lady in the Woods, by Maria Bluni last year and I never got around to reading it. I started it this week and ultimately decided to skim through it, but not because I didn’t like it! I wanted to spotlight it because I think it probably is a pretty beautiful story and many would like it. I might even like it if I tried reading it at a different time, but my emotions are high right now (meds that effect my mood for the next couple weeks) so just skimming the storyline I could already tell it was going to be emotional and bittersweet.

Here is the synopsis:

Mariah Talbot seems to lead a charmed life. Successful and talented, she is an interior designer in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood and, by all accounts, is fulfilling her dreams. But appearances can be deceiving. Few people know the truth about her tragic past and why she guards her heart so fiercely, or the fact she is still very much in love with a ghost.

Andrew Madden is a partner in one of Boston’s elite law firms. Bracing himself for a confrontation on his commute to work one morning, the last thing he expects is to be captivated by the woman who emerges from her car. Mariah is unlike any woman he has ever met, and their attraction is instant. But as he soon discovers, there is much more to her than meets the eye. He clings to the hope that with time, she will come to trust him completely.

But time is precious and fleeting. Neither of them could have predicted the bizarre twist of fate that alters the course of their lives forever. Only when Andrew embarks on his own journey, unraveling the haunting secrets of Mariah’s past, does he finally come to understand that love never dies…and neither does the soul.

The story just seemed too sad for me to read at this time, but I did look at the end and it seems like a happy albeit bittersweet ending. Like I said, it does seem like a beautiful story about life and love so if the synopsis interests you, you should check it out!

*I was sent this book complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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