“He Falls First” Book Picks

Are you a fan of the “he falls first” trope? I tend to find that more satisfying than when the fmc falls first. I’ve rounded up a few that I love! This post contains some spoilers!

  • Garrett Graham from The Deal – Hannah did have feelings for Garrett too, but he thought they were exclusive before she did because she didn’t want to assume since he’s never been a relationship guy
  • Zade Meadows from Haunting Adeline & Hunting Adeline – He was in love with Adeline immediately and waited for Adeline’s feelings to catch up.
  • Scott Ritchie from Set On You – Scott knew he was in love with Crystal before she was ready to admit it to herself and him.
  • Trevor Metcalfe from Exes & O’s – Trevor’s feelings for Tara started way before she even knew.
  • Aaron Blackford from The Spanish Love Deception – Lina always thought her and Aaron were enemies but learns he would rather take her hating him than nothing at all.
  • Caleb Alvarez from Mixed Signals – Caleb has had a crush on Layla for a long time before they start their practice dating.
  • Rhysand from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series – He felt he and Feyre were mates from the beginning.

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