Book Review: Mixed Signals

Last week I read Mixed Signals, the third book in the Lovelight Farms series by B.K. Borison. I swear each book gets better and better!

Before I got into my review, I have to explain these photos. So two weekends ago I went to a farm about 45 minutes away to go apple picking (though we didn’t end up apple picking and just ate food, had wine, pet the goats, donkeys, miniature horses, went to the farm store etc.) with people in my department at work. I knew I was going to be reading Mixed Signals that coming week and thought it was the perfect photo op for the book. I just hoped no one would think I was weird bringing my book in my purse to the farm and taking photos and videos amidst the corn maze, pumpkins, and apples. Especially after I sent a mass email about how it was imperative that I get apple cider donuts.

Now that I’ve given you the background info on the photos, let’s get to the review.

I absolutely loved Mixed Signals. Like I said earlier, each book in the series just gets better and better. To briefly recap, Lovelight Farms centers around Stella and Luka – best friends who pretend to be dating because Stella entered the farm into a social media contest run by influencer, Evelyn St. James. We also learn in that book that Beckett (partners with Stella and Layla in the farm) has met Evelyn before and spent one wild weekend with her while away for a farming convention months earlier. In the Weeds focuses on Beckett and Evelyn getting their second chance. Mixed Signals follows Layla’s love story with Caleb Alvarez, the former deputy and current Spanish teacher at Inglewild High School.

Readers of the previous two books are familiar with Caleb as the friendly deputy in town who has had a crush on Layla for forever. When Mixed Signals begins we learn that Caleb isn’t deputy anymore – he was too nice – and is now the Spanish teacher at the high school while he gets certified. He has had a crush on Layla, baker and part owner of Lovelight Farms, for a long time. Layla has always had bad luck with dating. So when Layla runs into Caleb at a restaurant after her horrible date abandons her, Caleb proposes they date each other for “practice”. Layla can help Caleb figure out why his relationships don’t last long and in return Layla can get some good dates out of it. Of course, Caleb hopes that he will win Layla over since he doesn’t want this arrangement to end and it doesn’t take long for Layla to realize she’s been blind to how amazing and good looking Caleb is.

I loved Layla and Caleb. I actually found Layla to be very relatable(dating sucks). Their dates ranged from funny to sweet and I just loved them together so much. Of course, they had some problems along the way – Caleb struggling to be truthful about how long he’s had feelings for Layla and that this isn’t just some experiment for him and Layla getting over her fear that she’s not worthy of a good guy.

Overall, it was so good! Layla and Caleb’s relationship, the appearances of Stella & Luka and Beckett & Evelyn to help Layla, the tension, the spice, the sunshinexsunshine – were all perfect.

I can’t wait for book 4 to come out next year. I think it’s the last in the series and it will focus on Charlie and Nova!

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