ACOTAR Page Overlays

Back in November, my friend (and former student who has since graduated college and is in grad school – like that doesn’t make me feel old!) texted me about the Reading Portal selling page overlays for A Court of Thorns and Roses – the first book in the series of the same name. The pages looked absolutely beautiful and I had to get my hands on them. Did I set a reminder on my phone for the day of the release so I could get them before they sold out? You bet I did! I pre-ordered mine within minutes of the release and I was really lucky because while one of my friends was able to get it as well, the friend who originally told me about them was not able to get them during that first release! And she wasn’t even that late. She went to the website 7 minutes after the release and the pre-order was sold out!

The pages are stunning and I’m so happy I got them. The fit perfectly into the book. When you order you need to read carefully to make sure you order the right ones depending on what editions you have as well as whether you have paperback or hardcover.

Aren’t they gorgeous? Major heart eyes for me. I can’t wait til the overlays for the next book come out!

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