Book Review: Gothikana

I wanted to read another dark academia novel before winter was over and when I heard a while ago that Gothikana by Runyx is a spicy dark academia, I had to give it a try.

Gothikana follows Corvina Clemm, a 21 year old young woman who has always been a bit of an outcast due to being homeschooled by a mother who was ill and having unique, purple eyes. When she is 21, she is invited to attend Verenmore University on scholarship. She had never heard of the school before, but was not about to pass up this chance at a real school experience even if she would be a bit older than the other students.

The other main character is Vad Deverell, a doctoral student at Verenmore and temporary professor. He is mysterious and captivating. There is an instant connection between him and Corvina and in the prologue, when he was a young boy an old woman had told him he would find purple eyes.

Corvina arrives at Verenmore and the university is on top of a mountain, hours from any towns or villages and is a huge gothic castle. Corvina feels at home amongst other students who have always come from troubled pasts or don’t have families either. But, there is something creepy about this old castle with all of its legends, superstitions, and questionable things that happen in the castle and in the forest that make you think it’s haunted or cursed. Corvina has always heard voices and has never known if it’s the start of a mental illness or if they are ghosts who are trying to communicate with her.

Corvina and Vad enter a secret relationship after trying to deny their feelings for each other and together they try to solve the mysteries surrounding Verenmore and life the curse, if there is one.

I really liked the relationship between Corvina and Vad. It was so mysterious and spicy, but also they provided the love for each other that they both needed. The book was written in such a detailed manner that I could imagine everything and feel like I was there. I scare easily and I wasn’t too creeped out, but there is a sense of unease which I guess was the point! But, I was able to read it.

Not a spoiler, but not all your questions are going to be answered at the end of this so if that bothers you you may want to skip this. Normally, I need all the answers and everything to be nicely wrapped up but surprisingly I was fine with this ending!

Definitely check this out if you’re looking for a spicy, gothic, dark academia novel!

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