Book Review: Set On You

I’ve been wanting to read Set On You by Amy Lea for a while now and with the recent release of her second book in the series, Exes & O‘s I thought this was the perfect time to read it.

Set On You follows Crystal Chen, a fitness influencer. Crystal has never been skinny, but over the years has learned to embrace her curvy body and has gained a large following online with her message of body positivity and that being healthy doesn’t mean you need to be skinny.

Going to the gym is a daily routine for her so she can exercise, film content, and work as a personal trainer to clients. One day her favorite squat rack which she had claimed by setting her phone down by it while she grabbed a sip of water gets stolen by a newcomer to her gym. He may be tall, hot, and fit, but he’s a squat rack thief! The two go back and forth for a few days and become gym “enemies”.

Then, at a family dinner where Crystal’s family is going to meet her grandmother’s fiancΓ©’s family, the squat rack thief shows up! Scott is his name and he is the firefighter grandson of her soon to be step-grandfather. The two decide to call a truce and actually are pretty attracted to each other. But Crystal has issues stemming from a past relationship and Scott is fresh off a breakup so the two decide to try to stay only friends for 3 months before getting together. Can they do it?

I loved this book! It was funny, cute, steamy – all the things! I loved that the fmc was a curvy, half-asian young woman. Something different for sure in a romcom. Scott was the perfect book boyfriend and I’d like one of him. K. Thanks. His support for Crystal was so amazing and sweet. Their text messages were adorable and funny too. And side note: This book made me more excited to work out than usual lol.

Read this if you’re in the mood for a adorable, steamy romcom with an enemies to friends to lovers trope and a he falls first trope.

I can’t wait to read Exes and O’s which features Crystal’s sister, Tara, and Scott’s best friend, Trevor!

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