Book Review: Exes & O’s

Earlier this month I read Set On You by Amy Lea and loved it. Exes & O’s is the second book in the connected series. This time the main character is Crystal’s sister, Tara, who we met in the first book.

In Set On You we met Tara as she was getting over her ex-fiancé. With Crystal and Scott getting engaged at the end of Set On You, Exes & O’s opens with Tara moving into Scott’s old apartment. Scott moved in with Crystal and Tara moved in to his old bedroom in the apartment he shared with his best friend and co-worker, Trevor. We briefly met Trevor in the first book. All we know is he’s a fellow firefighter and has no desire to have a girlfriend.

Tara is a nurse and bookstagrammar who loves romance novels. Wanting love, but feeling uninspired lately she comes up with the idea to revisit all her past boyfriends and maybe she can have a second chance romance – one of her favorite tropes. Trevor, as her new roommate and new friend, helps her go through the list and gives her advice. Tara starts to crush on Trevor a little bit, but his support, kindness, and flirting is just his personality because he only sees her as a friend and roommate, right?

I loved this book! I think I might like it even more than Set On You. After reading the Cat & Mouse duet, this was such a fun, lighthearted read. The storyline was so cute and Tara’s commentary was so funny especially as a book lover. I actually could relate to her in a lot of ways. I loved her and Trevor and watching them get to know each other and become the ones that knew each other the best. No spoilers, but the reveal towards the end of the book was seriously adorable!

We got some scenes with Crystal and Scott, which I really appreciated.

I had a smile on my face throughout the book. Read this if you’re looking for a fun, slow burn romcom with some spice, friends to lovers, and forced proximity tropes.

I can’t wait until the third and final book in the series about Mel! I hope we see Crystal, Scott, Tara, and Trevor in her book!

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