Book Review: 2 Fights

Last week I shared my review of 5 Rounds by Nikki Castle and talked about how much I loved the spicy sports romance. 2 Fights is the second book in the Fight Game series and follows Jax (Remy’s best friend and Tristan’s best friend and roommate from book 1) and Hailey (Remy’s younger sister).

The first half of this book overlaps with the timeline from 5 Rounds. In 5 Rounds we meet Hailey and know that she is Remy’s younger sister who lives with her boyfriend, Steve. We get glimpses of her relationship with Steve which seems toxic with his manipulative control over her, but she assures Remy that it’s not how it seems. Jax is also in book 1, but he is away on business for a bulk of the book which is why Remy is staying at his place with Tristan when she is in between apartments. At the end of 5 Rounds we learn that Hailey has left Steve.

For the first half of 2 Fights, Hailey is with Steve and slowly coming to terms with the fact that she is not in a good or healthy relationship. Jax, who she has known since she was a kid and used to have a crush on when he was a teenager and she was just seen as Remy’s little sister who he had to watch out for, helps Hailey in the aftermath of her breakup. He has always cared for Hailey, but now he sees her as the beautiful woman she has become and it kills him how shot her self esteem and confidence has become due to her ex. They have always had chemistry, but now with all the time they’re spending together they can’t nor do they want to be apart.

The love between Jax and Hailey is really sweet. We see their relationship go from a loving friendship to a soulmate type of love. There is lots of good spice, but the real story is about Hailey’s healing from her past and how Jax helps her along the way.

This one is less of a sports romance than 5 Rounds since Jax isn’t trying to get into the UFC like Tristan and he also doesn’t teach classes at the gym like Tristan so there are less scenes in the gym, training, and fighting, but there are still a few. Also, Hailey isn’t a fighter like Remy so that’s another reason there is less of the sport aspect in this one. Just a heads up in case you were expecting lots of MMA fighting in this one!

I really liked this book and loved Jax and Hailey. However, I wasn’t as obsessed with them as a couple as I was Remy and Tristan so my love for this book isn’t as great as 5 Rounds, but I still really liked it!

This is great for lovers of sports romance, friends to lovers, and sister’s best friend/best friend’s sister tropes.

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