Friends to Lovers Book Picks Part 2

A while ago I shared some books I love with the friends to lovers trope and I’ve rounded up enough books since then to do a part 2!

  • The Love Wager – Jack & Hallie become friends after a one-night stand and become a support system for each other as they both date other people in their quest to find “the one” until they realize they love each other.
  • Exes & O’s – Tara & Trevor become roommates and friends when Tara’s sister and Trevor’s best friend and former roommate get engaged and move in together. Trevor helps Tara as she revisits her exes to see if she can get a second chance romance.
  • A Long Time Coming – Breaker & Lia have been best friends since college. Now, Lia is engaged to a guy Breaker hates and she asks him to be her man-of-honor. Spending so much time together and planning a wedding has them realizing their real feelings for each other.
  • The Four Leaf – Samantha & Adrian have been best friends since they were kids and have secretly had feelings for each other for years.
  • 2 Fights – Jax & Hailey have known each other since they were teenagers since Jax lived in the same neighborhood and was best friends with Hailey’s older sister. When Hailey leaves her toxic relationship, Jax is there to support her and the two realize they are actually great together.
  • The American Roommate Experiment – Rosie & Lucas meet when Rosie goes to to stay at her best friend’s apartment after a mishap thinking the apartment will be empty since Lina is on her honeymoon. Lucas is Lina’s cousin and is also staying at the apartment while he’s visiting. The temporary roommate become friends and Lucas helps give Rosie some inspiration for her romance novel.
  • Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating – Josh & Hazel knew each other in college, but were not friends. Years later, Hazel’s best friend is Josh’s younger sister. Both single and looking for relationships, the decide to team up and set each other up on blind dates.
  • Mixed Signals – Caleb & Layla live in the same small town and have been friends for years. Caleb has had a crush on Layla for a long time, but has always been too afraid to tell her so he just goes to her bake shop and orders way too many pastries on the regular. Layla has the bad luck of always dating guys who are not worth her time. Caleb takes this opportunity to pitch an idea to Layla. They can go on “pretend” dates so she can get some good dates in and he can practice being a good dater.

I’m sure there are other friends to lovers books I’ve read since my last post that I’m forgetting, but these are just the ones I’ve picked out! Do you like this trope? If so, do you have a favorite?

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