Book Review: Vengeance Can be Deadly

Vengeance Can be Deadly is the 5th book in the Warren Steelgrave series by Gary E. Smith and the first one I’ve read. The series follows Warren Steelgrave, a crime fiction writer. Although this is a series it can be read as a standalone and any references to previous books in this one was explained so I had no trouble reading it.

Vengeance Can Be Deadly follows Warren in Italy, where he lives for half the year. His good friend and ex, Maria, is murdered at the start of the novel and what follows is Warren trying to find who is responsible and gets entangled in an elaborate plot involving art fraud, organized crime, spies, and more.

The book was fast paced and with the author’s very straight forward, concise writing style it made the book a very quick read. The plot was really interesting and kept me engaged, though I found parts of it to be not very believable (Warren being in his 70s and able to best professional killers and spies with little effort doesn’t seem very believable!). Nevertheless, the book kept me entertained and wanting to see who was really behind the murder and as mentioned before it was a fast read.

*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.*

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