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Last night I went to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert in Atlanta! Yes, if you missed it, I flew to Atlanta for a long weekend to go to the concert! I got waitlisted for the dates in New Jersey, but luckily my cousin was able to get tickets (including one for me) in ATL so I flew down!

If you’re familiar with Taylor’s song “High Infidelity” from her latest album, Midnights, there is a line in the song that goes “Do you really want to know where I was April 29th”. The concert was on 4/28 but we were there and trying to head home (back to my cousin’s house) by midnight (4/29) so close enough!

This photo is from when the concert ended and people were all leaving and the crews were out cleaning up all the confetti etc.

I’m going to be posting a couple videos on my Instagram stories today, my outfit tomorrow, and do a post about the whole concert in a few days once I’ve had time to go through all my photos and videos!

Are you going to one of her shows this tour?

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