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Coca Cola Bear Sweater + Hallmark Christmas Movies

Okay, I know the title of this blog post seems so random but I’m literally going to talk about this Coca Cola Bear Sweater and my top Hallmark Christmas movies of 2020 so…

If you’ve been following me on here for at least a year then you know I am obsessed with Hallmark movies. Sure they are mostly predictable and border on cheesy most of the time, but I still love them. I think there were 40 movies this year between the 2 Hallmark channels and on most weekends 4 playing each weekend. During Thanksgiving week they played a new movie every night!

I didn’t want to just take a photo of Hallmark playing on my screen and I happened to be wearing this cozy, cute Coca Cola Bear festive sweater that I picked up from Target so I took some photos of it instead.

Sweater: Target | Leggings: J.Crew

How cute is this sweater? It’s so cozy and the heart part is fuzzy and so plush. The sweater isn’t overly festive either, but more winter-y so I can wear it all winter long.

But back to the Hallmark movies. There were 40 movies and I watched every. single. one. I did it all for you guys so I could tell you which ones were the best. Just kidding, I watched them all because I wanted to! So why am I just rounding up my favorites of 2020 now? Well, the movies played all the way up to a few days before Christmas. And just because it’s not Christmas anymore doesn’t mean Hallmark won’t be playing the movies until next holiday season. They play Christmas movies once a week throughout the year and I think they still do that whole Christmas in July thing.

So of the 40 movies, I’ve narrowed it down to 15 that I really loved. There were plenty of others that were good, but not my favorite. And a good number that I thought were just okay.

Here they are in no particular order (they might actually be chronological because I wrote down the ones I really enjoyed as I watched):

  1. One Royal Holiday – One Royal Holiday stars Aaron Tveit and Laura Osnes, both are Broadway stars so I was happy to see that they were able to continue working during the pandemic! Osnes’ characters’ dad owns a charming inn and Tveit’s character and his mother get stranded due to a blizzard and stay at the inn. Of course, Tveit and his other are actually royalty.
  2. The Christmas Ring – In this movie a woman finds an engagement ring at an antique shop with an inscription. Determined to find out the story behind the ring and reunite its owner with it she goes searching. She finds the owner’s grandson and together they investigate to find out how the ring ended up in an antique shop.
  3. Christmas with the Darlings – An assistant decides to spend her Christmas vacation helping out her boss by watching his nieces and nephew who are moving to town. She didn’t want them to spend the holidays at boarding school while her boss is away so she takes care of them with the help of her boss’ younger brother who comes back home to also care for the children.
  4. Christmas in Vienna – A violinist is in Vienna for Christmas to perform at a concert and visits with a college friend. Her college friend is the cousin of an American diplomat and part-time nanny for his children. When said college friend is busy selling her crafts at the Christmas fair, her friend gets roped in to helping to take care of the kids during their break from school.
  5. The Angel Tree – A woman and her daughter go back to her hometown that she moved away from as a kid. She goes to visit her aunt and remembers the Angel Tree. People place their wishes on the tree and an anonymous “angel” in town grants the wishes. She makes it her mission to find out who the angel is.
  6. The Christmas House – A mother and father ask their sons to come home for Christmas because they want to put together “The Christmas House” again. Their house used to be the place to go to during the holidays with elaborate decorations and light displays, a different theme for every room etc. The boys come home to help their parents’ set up and all the problems and issues they are all going through are revealed.
  7. A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love – They make a Godwink Christmas movie each year and they are based on real life love stories. A Godwink is like when something fated to happen happens – like God is winking at you. In this one, a man and his two sons move back to his hometown and runs into his high school girlfriend. Despite saying they are just going to be friends, it seems like the universe keeps giving them signs that they belong together and bringing them together.
  8. Heart of the Holidays – After her new job doesn’t exactly start off according to plan a young woman heads home to her mom’s for Christmas. It’s been years since she’s been home and seen the people she grew up with including her high school boyfriend who runs the local cafe. After seeing how many people in the community are struggling, the two help to throw a big fundraiser holiday event called the Heart of the Holidays.
  9. Five Star Christmas – A woman and her siblings head home for Christmas only to find that her father has turned their family home into an inn. He is not doing as well as he had hoped he would and rumor has it that a popular inn reviewer is in town. She and her siblings decide to pretend to be guests at the inn to help their father out.
  10. A Little Christmas Charm – A jewelry designer finds a charm bracelet inside the pocket of a coat that was donated to her friend’s shop. Knowing what it feels like to lose a charm bracelet she is on a mission to locate its owner. With the help of a reporter who is looking for a story to write about a holiday hero, they try to figure out who the bracelet belongs to by using the charms as clues.
  11. A Glenbrook Christmas – An heiress goes to a small town called Glenbrook, where her mom grew up, to spend a few days during the holidays. After losing her parents as a kid, she has always wanted to go back to the town where her parents met and hear the famous church bells. Unfortunately, the bells aren’t working. She befriends a fireman in town and together they find a way to save the bells.
  12. Lights, Love, Hanukkah – The one Hanukkah movie on the channel this year. A woman is a chef at at Italian restaurant that her mother owned and now she owns after her mother’s passing. She did a genealogy test to learn more about her background as her mother adopted her as a baby and was a single mother. She learns that she has close relatives in town and that they are Jewish. After connecting with them, she finds her birth mother and learns more about her family, their Jewish culture, and more.
  13. Unlocking Christmas – A doctor has recently moved to a town and finds a mysterious key on her doorstep. A man returns home to his parents’ house after serving in the military and also finds a key. The keys offer the pair clues that require they work together to figure out.
  14. Project Christmas Wish – A woman and her mother have been running Project Christmas for a few years in their town. People make Christmas wishes and they try their best to make the wishes come true for the people. A little girl makes a wish that her father will find love again.
  15. Cross Country Christmas – A woman and man, both traveling from New York City to Colorado for Christmas, get stranded in Ohio after a snow storm grounds their plane. They knew each other in high school, but not well. Since they know each other and are traveling to the same town, they decide to travel together to somehow get home. It’s a whirlwind trip of cars, trains, tractors, and more to get home in time for Christmas.

Those are the ones I liked the most! Until next year (but who are we kidding, the Christmas movies play year-round on Hallmark!)

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