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Puff Sleeve Hoodie

Happy Sunday! It’s especially happy because I don’t have work tomorrow and am still on winter break for another week.

Today, I’m sharing what I wore on Christmas Eve. I got this puff sleeve hoodie this fall and I immediate had the idea to do a dressed up version of comfy clothes. Normally you’d think of a hoodie and leggings as comfy clothes to wear at home or if you want to be really casual and comfortable. This hoodie, however, is chic with it’s puff sleeves, fuzzy material, and metal detailing on the drawstrings. The drawstrings also aren’t cotton, but like a ribbon material.

As for my leggings, I’ve worn them on here before. They are so fun with the embellished stripes down the side with the crushed rhinestones. They are also really comfortable and soft. A lot of times when you think of specialty leggings they tend to be not as comfortable, maybe not as stretchy. These are so comfortable, but look so fancy with the embellishments. They are 2 years old from Express, but I’ve linked to a similar pair they have this year.

Hoodie: Express (here) | Leggings: Express | Boots: UGG (here)

So that’s my version of a dressed up comfy look!

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