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Snow Day 2020

To all who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful day and made the most of it despite it probably looking a lot different than normal. I thought in the post-Christmas laziness a lot of us are probably feeling today I’d share some peaceful photos from my snow day the week before Christmas. It was the first significant snowfall this season. We got about 7 inches here, which was a nice amount. Enough to feel like a proper snow day, but not enough to be trapped inside. We were forecasted to get between 12-18 inches so this was much better.

Coat: J.Crew (here) | Sweatshirt: Nordstrom | Leggings: Sonoma Goods for Life via Kohl’s (here) | Snow Boots: L.L. Bean | Beanie: Gap | Face Mask: Katrina Terese

The photo above from my front door looking out at the snow before it had been plowed actually had a garbage can in the middle of it but luckily since the whole bottom half of the photo is white snow I easily erased it on Photoshop! The garbage can was seriously messing up the photo lol.

I went out to dig my car out in the middle of the afternoon (the snow started the evening before and ended early morning). We got less snow than anticipated because of the wind and it had turned to freezing rain during parts of the night.

My parents stopped by when I was halfway done digging my car out and my dad finished shoveling for me. Meanwhile, my mom got a photo of me in my “Not another ugly sweater” sweatshirt from a few years ago, my J.Crew coat, snow boots, and my new tartan face mask! The tartan face mask is perfect for the holiday season and made by a small business, which is always nice to support.

I hope you’ve got a nice, relaxing Saturday planned!

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