Book Review: The Fine Print

The Fine Print by Lauren Asher is the first book in the Dreamland Billionaire series and features the grumpy sunshine, workplace romance tropes, and billionaire romance obviously! This novel was a fun and super fast read. Think a spicy Disney romance!

The novel follows Rowan and Zahra. Rowan is the youngest of the 3 Kane brothers. Decades ago his beloved grandfather created and built Dreamland, a theme park which became so successful that the Kane corporation has branched into many other areas. After his grandfather’s death, the 3 brothers were given letters from him. Each brother was given a task to complete in order to gain their inheritance. Rowan’s task is to become the director of the Dreamland park, identify its weaknesses, and renovate the park with a special project. Rowan is not the happiest or friendliest guy because of things in his past, but he wants to succeed in his task to make his grandfather proud and not let his brothers down.

Zahra comes from a family of Dreamland workers and loves the park so much. When Rowan sees her proposal for a new section of park, he immediately places her on the Creator team, a dream come true for her.

Zahra and Rowan don’t get along at first with Zahra‘a bubbly, casual personality and Rowan’s rigid no-nonsense demeanor, but they are naturally attracted to each other even though that annoys Rowan to no end. Can Zahra help break down Rowan’s walls? Would Zahra want to get involved with him if she knew that he has no intention of staying as Director beyond the 6 months he’s required?

I really liked this book, but it definitely had to grow on me. I thought Rowan and Zahra were good characters but I was never obsessed with them.  I really liked them together and their connection despite starting off as saying it would just be casual. Overall, I really liked the book but was expecting to love it more. Not disappointed though! And I loved the epilogues!

I’ve heard the 2nd and 3rd books are really good and after briefly meeting Rowan’s older brothers I’m excited to read their stories!

Read this if you’re looking for a spicy grumpy sunshine, workplace romance with naughty Disney vibes!

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