Dreamland Billionaire Couples

I finished reading the Dreamland Billionaire series last week and really enjoyed the series. Each book focuses on a different Kane brother and couple, which made me think about which Dreamland couple I liked the most. The Kane brothers’ grandfather passed away and in his will he tasked each grandson with something they must complete in order to gain their inheritance.

The Fine Print focuses on Rowan and Zahra. Rowan has to become director of the Dreamland theme park for at least 6 months and come up with an idea that will renovate the park. Zahra works at the park and gets promoted to the Creator team to help come up with ideas.

Terms and Conditions focuses on Declan and Iris. Declan is the eldest Kane brother and in order to become CEO of the family corporation he has to get married and have a child. Since he doesn’t date, he’s trying to find someone who will be willing to marry him and have a baby as soon as possible. When he can’t find anyone, his long time assistant, Iris, volunteers.

Final Offer follows Callahan or Cal and Lana. They were childhood best friends and saw each other every summer since Lana’s mom worked for the Kanes, taking care of their house at Lake Wisteria. They fell in love and then 6 years ago, Cal broke Lana’s heart when he tried to protect her from his own troubles and demons. He promised to never return, but his grandfather tasked him with spending a summer at Lake Wisteria and selling the house at the end of the summer. However, Lana is living there and her name is also on the deed.

I loved all the couples, but if I had to pick a favorite I think I would go with Cal and Lana. I loved their story the most and Cal was my favorite Kane brother.

Have you read the series? If you have, do you have a favorite couple?

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