Book Review: Quarterback Sneak

Quarterback Sneak is the third book in the Red Zone Rivals series by Kandi Steiner. I really liked Fair Catch and loved Blind Side in the series so I couldn’t wait to get to Quarterback Sneak.

Quarterback Sneak is a forbidden romance and sports romance novel. It follows Holden Moore and Julep Lee. If you read the first two books in the series you know that Holden is the quarterback of his college football team. It’s mentioned in the first two books that he is 100% focused on football and not interested in dating. Until he meets Julep. The moment he saw her, he knew he had to get to know her. But she’s the coach’s daughter and off-limits. Maybe he could get over her if he didn’t have to see her much, but she’s on the athletic training team and is always around. Add to that that Holden gets injured and needs to rehab his shoulder and Julep is appointed to lead his care.

Holden and Julep are insanely attracted to each other, but her father has made it clear – no one on the team is allowed to date or even look at his daughter. Not only do they have chemistry, but they both have gone through unspeakable tragedies in their lives and understand each other in a way that most others can’t.

I really liked this book and was hooked from the start! I really loved Holden and Julep as characters and as a couple. This book is definitely darker and heavier than the first two in the series because of the tragedies and loss Holden and Julep went through when they were younger, but there’s still a lot of hope and optimism in the story. Julep trying to get her life back on track and not disappoint her dad reminded me of Brenna in The Risk actually.

I liked this book more than Fair Catch, but loved Blind Side a little bit more. What can I say, fake dating is superior to forbidden romance in tropes for me!

I just started the last book in the series, Hail Mary, and I think I’m going to love it!

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