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I love having physical books, but I do love my Kindle too. It’s convenient, saves room on my bookshelf, and some of the books I have on there end up being books I read over and over again because I can read them from my phone when I’m out (or procrastinating at work) and don’t need to have my Kindle on me. Because of these things, I’ve accumulated a list of comfort reads – these are books that I always turn to. Sometimes I read my favorite parts or a few chapters here and there of these books after I’ve finished another book or even while I’m reading something else just because I can’t let these characters go and find comfort in them.

  • The Deal – I just love Hannah and Garrett so much. This book really made me fall in love with the Off-Campus series. I especially love rereading the scenes where Garrett is jealous of Hannah talking to Justin and when Hannah confides in Garrett about what happened to her in high school. I cannot wait for the new spin-off 2nd generation series that debuts this fall with Hannah & Garrett’s daughter, Gigi!
  • The Score – This is my second favorite book in the Off-Campus series after The Deal. I love Dean and Allie and seeing Dean change from the ultimate player to being head over heels in love with Allie. I especially love rereading the scene at the beginning when Allie shows up to stay at the house and only Dean is home and the one after Thanksgiving when a very upset Allie asks Hannah to call Dean and he comes and comforts her.
  • The Chase – This is hands down my favorite book in the entire Briar U series – a spinoff of the Off-Campus series. It follows Dean’s little sister, Summer, and his friend and former teammate Fitz. I just love Summer so much and her and the quiet Fitz are so perfect together. I love rereading the scene where Fitz and Summer get into a fight and she reveals that she overheard what he said about her at New Year’s. I also love rereading the scene when they finally get together.
  • The Sweetest Oblivion – This was my first mafia romance and so far, still my favorite. I love Elena and Nico. I love rereading the scene when Elena comes back to Nico’s after the misunderstanding when she left to go back to visit her parents without him knowing. I love the scene when they make up after their conflict towards the end.
  • The Wall of Winnipeg & Me – This was my first Mariana Zapata novel and I love her slow burn romances so much! I love rereading the scene where Aiden notices the bruises on Vanessa’s wrist. I also love the whole part where Aiden’s friends come to visit and he takes care of her when she’s not feeling well from her marathon training.
  • Kulti – I love the slow burn development of the friendship and romance between Sal and Kulti. I especially love rereading the scenes when he goes with her to visit her family and they talk while watching movies and when she gets injured during a game.
  • Wait For It – Another slow burn romance from Mariana Zapata on my Kindle that I love. I love rereading the scene where Dallas goes to talk to Diana when she’s upset because of one of the baseball moms and the scene when they talk about their feelings for one another as she cuts his hair.
  • Icebreaker – This book was so fun to read and I love Nate and Stassie. My favorite scenes to reread are the Halloween scene when Stassie shows up to the club wearing JJ’s jersey, when Nate realizes that Aaron has been mismanaging Stassie’s nutrition plan, when Henry and Nate tell Stassie the truth about what Aaron’s been saying about her.
  • Birthday Girl – I loved this book so much more than I was expecting to. I love Pike and Jordan. My favorite scenes to reread are when Pike realizes he was wrong to yell at Jordan and that she stayed overnight at the bar, when he takes her back to her parents’ and won’t leave her there, when he realizes how much he screwed up by not coming home after work and she’s not there.
  • Blind Side – I love the fake dating trope and the one between Clay and Giana is so good. I love rereading the scenes when Clay realizes his feelings for Giana and she tells him about how her crush asked her to hang out at his place, when he comes to confess his feelings to her, and when he thinks he’s lost her.
  • Mr. Wrong Number – This book is so funny and I love Olivia and Colin so much. I honestly love rereading their text messages which are throughout the book. I love rereading the scene where Colin gets jealous after he sends his co-worker to pretend to be him to meet up with Olivia. I also just love rereading all their intimate scenes because their banter is hilarious and the spice is perfect.

Are there any books on your Kindle that are comfort reads for you?

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