Book Review: Icebreaker

I had Icebreaker by Hannah Grace on my tbr since it exploded on social media a couple months ago, but moved it up the list because so many people were raving about it including two of my friends.

Yes, I know these are my rollerskates in the photo, but I don’t have ice skates so just pretend they’re ice skates!

This college sports romance is told from a dual POV, which you know I love, and follows Anastasia Allen, or Stassie, and Nathan Hawkins. Both of them go to a college in LA called Maple Hills and are stars in their own sports. Anastasia and her partner, Aaron, are pair figure skaters with their eyes on Nationals and hopefully making Team USA for the Olympics in 2 years. Nate is the captain of the hockey team who has already been drafted for the NHL after graduation. They never cross paths with each other, but when the hockey team’s ice rink is sabotaged the team and the figure skaters have to share a rink until it’s fixed. Sensing that Stassie is far from happy about reduced ice time and having to share a space with hockey players, Nate tries to make friends to smooth things over. They are instant frenemies with Nate trying to win Stassie over.

The more time they spend together, the more their chemistry is evident, and the more Stassie can’t help but admit that Nate is funny, charming, kind, and really good looking. But things won’t be easy for them to be together. They both have demanding sports and responsibilities and Stassie has a strained relationship with her partner which is only made worse by her relationship with Nate.

I loved this book! It was so addictive and worth the hyper for sure in my opinion! I loved all the tropes, the relationship between Stassie and Nate, and all the topics covered. Stassie’s relationship with food and mental health, Nate’s unwavering support of Stassie amidst his own family issues, etc.

The book is perfect for lovers of spicy books, enemies to friends to lovers, sports romance.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in the UCMH universe and I hope that Stassie and Nate will make an appearance!

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