Book Review: Mr. Wrong Number

Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter is my first romcom of 2023. It was fantastic and one of my absolute favorite recent reads!

The novel is a dual POV and follows Olivia and Colin. Olivia is 25, a writer, and now has to move back home from Chicago after a bad breakup and accidentally burning down her apartment after said breakup. Refusing to move back in with her parents, she convinces her older brother, Jack, to let her stay with him and his best friend, Colin at their condo for a month and hopefully she will have a job and a place to live by then. She has known Colin since they were kids and they have always been snarky with each other and gotten on each other’s nerves. She thinks Colin is too perfect, rich, and judge-y. He thinks she’s a klutzy, hot mess.

One day, Olivia receives a text from a wrong number and thus begins a texting relationship with Mr. Wrong Number. They agree to anonymity and their texts are hilarious and spicy. Little do they know that Mr. Wrong Number is Colin and Miss Misdial are Colin and Olivia respectively. As they get to know each other through text, in real life they start to realize the other isn’t as bad as they remembered from their younger years. It doesn’t hurt that Colin is devastatingly handsome and Olivia is gorgeous. But what will happen when they find out who they’re really texting?

I loved this book so much! It just had me smiling all the time and made my heart happy. The banter is so funny. I loved the ease they had between them even when they tried to fight their chemistry and pretend they still hated each other.

I saw on Lynn Painter’s Instagram the other day that if you pre-order her upcoming novel, The Love Wager, you get emailed 2 bonus epilogues to Mr. Wrong Number so you know I did that immediately! The bonus epilogues were perfection!

Now I need to read all of Lynn Painter’s books!

This book is perfect for lovers of enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and/or brother’s best friend tropes!

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