Book Review: The Wall of Winnipeg & Me

I truly am a fan of sports romances these days. I have heard a lot of good things about both author Mariana Zapata and her novel, The Wall of Winnipeg & Me. I read it last week and I get the hype!

The novel is the perfect sports romance and fake dating/marriage of convenience story.

Vanessa has been the personal assistant to football star, Aiden Graves, also known as The Wall of Winnipeg. Aiden is laser focused on his career and all he does is practice, train, play football games, and sleep. In the two years she has worked for him, they haven’t become friends since Aiden is not the most social or friendly person. With dreams of becoming a full-time graphic artist and becoming more and more impatient with how little regard Aiden shows her, she gives her notice and quits. Vanessa truly thinks Aiden could care less that she quit since he doesn’t show much emotion.

It comes as a surprise when he shows up at her door asking her to come back. It comes as even more of a surprise when he is persistent, showing up again, and speaks more to her now than when she worked for him. Then, he asks her for the biggest favor of all. Will she marry him so he doesn’t have to go home to Canada?

I absolutely loved watching Vanessa and Aiden’s relationship grow from indifferent boss/employee to friends to lovers. I loved that two who were barely friends at first now become the ones that trust each other the most and know each others’ deepest secrets.

I also thought it was something different than what I’m used to with sports romances because typically the guy doesn’t have time for a relationship, but is a big player who hooks up with lots of women. But, in The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, Aiden actually doesn’t date or hook up at all. He’s solely dedicated to his career and hardly even has any friends. In my opinion that’s what makes his growing relationship with Vanessa even more special to watch.

I can’t wait to read some more by Mariana Zapata!

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