The Wall of Winnipeg & Me – New Cover & Bonus Content

The Wall of Winnipeg & Me was the first book I read by Mariana Zapata and made me love her books. So far I’ve read 5 of her books and I’ve loved every singly, slow burning, one! I originally read The Wall of Winnipeg & Me on my Kindle. Then, months ago when I found out that it was being re-released with a new cover and bonus content I pre-ordered it immediately!

I was going through some fomo when I saw so many people getting their hands on it before me – apparently some Barnes & Noble locations put the book out in stores early, but I had to wait for mine to be shipped and delivered! Then there was a whole debacle with the post office, but I finally got it and the bonus content was so worth it! The bonus chapter takes place years after the epilogue in the original book and is just so perfect. Omg I will always love Vanessa and Aiden so much!

A re-release of All Rhodes Lead Here is coming out in January with bonus content so you know I’m going to get that too!

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