Book Review: Den of Vipers

I’ve been hearing about Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight for over a year so I’ve been looking forward to reading it. It is a dark romance and definitely the darkest I’ve read so far. It’s also my first rh (reverse harem) book.

Den of Vipers is told from the pov of all of the main characters. Roxy is the owner of a dive bar and used to a rougher crowd. She had a tough upbringing with an abusive and drunk father and drug addict mother. Even though she hadn’t seen her father in years, that didn’t stop him from using her to pay off his debts to the Vipers – a group of very powerful men (basically the mafia) in their city. In order to not be killed he gave them his daughter.

Disgusted that a father would so carelessly give their daughter away, the Vipers hate him even more, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take him up on his offer. So they take Roxy. Furious that she’s been taken, Roxy fights back but it’s no use – she now belongs to the Vipers and has to live with them. Her anger is short lived as she gets to know them and realizes she actually fits in with them. The guys – Ryder, Kenzo, Diesel, and Garrett, all have painful, dark pasts as well. They understand her better than anyone else can and she understands them. What started out as collecting on a debt, turns into love and respect. Roxy becomes stronger and finds a family in these guys she grows to love. The guys all find love with Roxy and have someone else besides just each other. Together no one and nothing can bring them down.

The storyline and some of the things that go on are a little crazy and don’t always make sense, but the book was still entertaining and definitely had me hooked! I can forget about some of the more ridiculous things that happen in the story just because it had me so interested the whole time. I loved all the guys for different reasons, just like Roxy. I think Kenzo was my favorite though because he was the sweetest one and least crazy ha.

As mentioned above, this was my first rh book and I wasn’t sure how I’d like it. I did like it, but of course if I have to choose I’d choose a love story where it’s just one true love at the end instead of a group thing, but I still liked the book and it’s ending. Some of the scenes were so crazy but it’s like one of those things that no matter how crazy it is you can’t stop looking at it. I couldn’t stop reading!

If you’re looking for a dark romance that’s rh and has some serious spice, check this out! But do check trigger warnings as it is bloody and violent. I’ve never been bothered by any trigger warnings so nothing in here bothered me to the point of not reading.

If you have any dark romance recommendations let me know!

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