Book Review: Triple Duty Bodyguards

I’ve heard of author Lily Gold through social media for a long time now and I knew her romcoms are primary reverse harem or why choose books. With how popular her books are I had them on my tbr and finally read one of them this past week – Triple Duty Bodyguards.

The novel follows Briar Saint, a British actress and celebrity. She is seen by the public as being a diva, difficult, and basically a b*tch. When her home is broken into one night while she’s sleeping and her stalker leaves her some disgusting and unpleasant souvenirs, she revamps her security and hires a bodyguard. What she gets instead is a team of 3 bodyguards as these guys have known each other for years in the military and now in the private sector and always work together because they’re best friends. All three of the men are experts at their jobs and have very different personalities. Kenta Li is calm and understanding with a psychology background. Glen Smith is a hulking figure who mostly keeps to himself. He has a bad scar running down his face from his time in the military and he’s a demolitions expert. Matt Carter is a bit grumpy, more brash, and is usually the lead or point man who handles logistics and plans. He also suffers from PTSD.

Briar is not happy to have these three shadow her everywhere she goes and they’re not exactly thrilled to work for a snobby celebrity, but the more time they spend together they better they understand each other. They realize that Briar’s public persona is just that and they begin to understand why the incredible kind and sweet young woman allows the public to see her in such a negative way. She begins to see the guys as less of a nuisance and how great they all are. As the foursome navigate their feelings for each other there is plenty of spicy times and actually trying to keep Briar safe from her stalker.

This book has funny moments and I think it might be marketed as romcom, but there are serious points in the story line such as stalking, PTSD, how women are treated in the media, etc.

I loved this book – more than I even thought I would. I knew I would like it, but it ended up exceeding expectations and I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. I loved Briar and all the guys, though I think Matt was my favorite. I felt the ending dragged a little bit, but no real complaints from me about that. I haven’t read a ton of rh romances, but to give you an idea – this one is way less dark and messed up than Den of Vipers and way less cringey/ridiculous than Happenstance.

I will definitely check out more by Lily Gold!

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