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Books that Remind me of “Curtains” by Ed Sheeran

I went to the Ed Sheeran concert in New Jersey over the weekend and it was such a fun time. I’ve seen him in concert once before and he’s such an amazing performer! His newest album Subtract came out last month and one of my favorite songs on the album is “Curtains”.

Part of the chorus goes,

“Can you pull the curtains? Let me see the sunshine
I think I’m done with my hiding place and you found me anyway
It’s been forever, but I’m feeling alright
Tears dry and we’ll leave no trace, and tomorrow’s another day”

I picked out a few books that this song reminds me of!

  • Things We Hide from the Light – Nash has a lot to work through after almost dying in Things We Never Got Over.
  • Ugly Love – Miles went through a lot of trauma as a teenager which effects his ability to be in a relationship.
  • Final Offer – Cal struggles with alcohol and has kept the love of his life at arms length because he doesn’t think he’s worthy.
  • Reminders of Him – Kenna has just gotten out of prison for a tragic accident that happened 5 years ago. She struggles with trying to rebuild her life and get the person she loves the most back in her life, her 4 year old daughter.

These are all books that I love and if you haven’t heard this song yet, I recommend giving it a listen!

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