If You Like This Book Try This Book

I always like when bookstagrammers do posts with book recommendations based on similar books i.e. “If you liked this book try this one” so I decided to give it a try.

  • If you liked Love & Other Words you should try Every Summer After. The storylines are a little similar and have the same vibes – a boy and girl meet by the lake and become best friends and develop feelings for one another but then something happens and they don’t see each other again until they’re adults.
  • If you liked Brutal Prince you should try The Sweetest Oblivion. Both are mafia romances with the marriage of convenience/arranged marriage tropes.
  • If you liked In a Holidaze you should try The Do-Over. The Do-Over is a YA romcom whereas In a Holidaze is adult but both are romcoms and have the fmc repeating the same day over and over again. In a Holidaze is Christmas and The Do-Over is Valentine’s Day.
  • If you liked Hail Mary you should try The Dare. They’re both sports romances with curvy fmc’s and body image does play a role.

Obviously these recommendations can be flipped around too depending on which one you may have read! I hope you like these recommendations!

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