Book Review: Brutal Prince

The Brutal Birthright series by Sophie Lark is another series that has been on my tbr for a while. I finally read the first book, Brutal Prince, and really enjoyed it. Coincidentally, Sophie Lark and Bloom Books just announced yesterday that they are working together and the Brutal Birthright series is being re-released one book at a time throughout the year with new covers and bonus content.

The series is a mafia romance series and while it’s advertised as being dark, this first book wasn’t very dark at all so I think it’s a great introduction into dark romance for anyone new to the genre!

Brutal Prince follows Callum Griffin and Aida Gallo in Chicago. The Griffins and Gallos have been sort of enemies for generations. Now in present day, Callum is running for alderman of his district to gain some more power. Even though his family is very wealthy and run a lot of things in Chicago, being alderman would give them more power and then people would owe them favors. Aida is the youngest child and only daughter of her father. She goes to college, just to go, and although her older brothers and dad don’t like her being involved with their business she knows a lot and knows how to work people.

One night when eating dinner with her family, they hear fireworks. Aida tells her brothers the fireworks are for a party at the Griffin’s for Nessa Griffin’s birthday. They decide to crash the party. While at the party, there is a run-in between Aida and Callum that ends up being a big clash and creates a situation. The two patriarchs meet for a sit-down before things get out of hand between the two families. Their fathers decide that they need to form an alliance. Callum needs the Italian vote for alderman, which aligning with the Gallos would provide. The Gallos still hold a lot of power in town, but with the Polish mafia and others moving in they aren’t as powerful as they once were years ago so aligning with the Griffins would be beneficial to them too. How are they going to solidify the alliance? Callum and Aida will have to marry. Callum and Aida hate each other, but have no choice but to marry and get to know one another. Soon they realize the other isn’t as bad as they thought and the intense attraction they have for one another doesn’t hurt either. But will issues with rivals jockeying for power in Chicago bring them closer together or drive them apart?

This is a great enemies to lovers romance. I loved Callum and Aida (and their siblings). Aida took me a little while to start to like because she was an annoying brat for the first few chapters, but then she grew on me and I liked her! I really liked the book and loved the vibes of it, but I thought there could have definitely been a more in-depth storyline for it. And as mentioned earlier in the post, it wasn’t as dark as I was anticipating, but still good. Definitely great for a beginning to dark romances.

There is a scene in the book where Aida learns that Callum is allergic to strawberries so she purposely eats a ton of strawberries so he gets an allergic reaction when he kisses her, hence the strawberries in my photo and of course I had to wear my comfy strawberry sweatshirt!

I really want to read the rest of the series, which focuses on the Gallo and Griffin siblings, but since they are being re-released I’m going to hold off. I want the new covers and bonus content so it doesn’t make sense to buy the books twice. The second book, Stolen Heir, doesn’t come out til the end of the summer so I’ll just have to wait!

Read this if you are interested in spicy mafia romance, enemies to lovers, and the arranged marriage tropes!

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