Enemies to Lovers Book Picks Part 3

I love a good enemies to lovers romance, don’t you? I’ve done two posts with book recommendations featuring the trope so far and I’m back with another! You can check out part 1 and part 2 if you missed them.

Here are my new picks in no particular order:

  • The Bridge Kingdom Lara marries Aren, but is secretly a spy with plans to bring him and his kingdom down because she’s been told her whole life that since Aren’s kingdom controls the Bridge, they are the reason her people are suffering.
  • For the Throne This is book two in the Wilderwood duology. Neve is in the Shadowlands with Solmir, who we believed throughout For the Wolf was evil.
  • Brutal Prince Aida and Callum are from rival criminal families in Chicago. Their fathers decide it would benefit both families if they formed an alliance so they arrange for Aida and Callum to marry.
  • Kingdom of the Wicked This is a trilogy. Emilia is a witch and has been told her whole life that demons and the princes of hell are evil and she should never trust one of them. But now, she has to team up with Wrath, a prince of hell, to find out what happened to her twin sister.
  • A Million Kisses in Your LifetimeCrew and Wren have never been friends. In fact, Wren has been convinced for the past 4 years at Lancaster Prep that Crew hates her. Now, they have to be partners for a school project.
  • 5 RoundsTristan and Remy have never gotten along and are always arguing and being sarcastic with each other. But, they see each other a lot because they both train at the same MMA gym and Remy’s best friend since childhood also happens to be best friends with Tristan and his roommate. When Remy is in between apartments, she has to stay with Tristan.
  • Twisted This is part of the Never After series, which is a series of stand alone twisted/fractured fairytales. Yasmin and Julian have never gotten along. Yasmin thinks Julian’s an arrogant jerk and Julian thinks Yasmin is a spoiled brat. Yasmin’s father is dying and his diamond empire is going to go to whoever Yasmin marries. Julian has been the right hand man of Yasmin’s father for 10 years and thinks he should be left the business. Enter a marriage of convenience trope.
  • Fair CatchThis is the first book in the Red Zone Rivals series. This is a childhood friends to enemies to lovers novel. Zeke and Riley were once the best of friends along with Riley’s twin brother. Then a horrible accident that paralyzes Riley’s brother leaves Riley hating Zeke for the role he played in the accident. After promising her brother that she would take his place as kicker for the high school football team, she makes it onto the team for her college. Zeke also happens to be at the same college, on the same football team, and now is also Riley’s roommate.

Those are my latest enemies to lovers picks! Have you read any of these?

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