Book Review: Trapeze

I’m embarrassingly behind on my tbr list as you all know. I got this book, Trapezeby Leigh Ansell months and months ago but I just got to read it over the past week. Another Wattpad writer to support and get inspiration from!

On a side note – funnily enough I got one of those notifications on Facebook yesterday of what I was doing however many years ago and it was a video of me at a trapeze class in New York City!


Trapeze follows a 17-year old girl named Corey who has grown up in the circus. She has lived with her Aunt Shelby, touring the country and training to be a trapeze artist since she was 2. When the circus sets up for a show in a northern California town, she meets Luke and there is an instant spark, but nothing could ever come of it since she’s always moving from town to town, state to state. That night at the show when she’s making her debut as the lead trapeze star, a fire breaks out destroying the whole tent, equipment, and injuring dozens. The circus as she knows it is done unless they can come up with the funds to replace everything and regardless they need to wait until the arson investigation is done.

What is Corey to do when her whole life is the circus? Unbeknownst to her, one of the reasons they were in this town is because her mom lives nearby. The mother who she hasn’t seen since she was a toddler. The novel follows Corey as she copes with figuring out what her life is and who she is without trapeze as well as navigating how to be a “normal” teenage girl going to high school. Don’t forget she now has to live with the mother who gave her up since she was a troubled teen mother. Oh and also now she’ll be at school with Luke!

I couldn’t put this book down once I started it and it was another one of those that I didn’t want to finish because I didn’t want the story to be done. Leigh’s skill at descriptive language had me feeling like I was right there alongside Corey the entire time. I highly recommend the book!

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.*

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