Book Review: Entwined

My latest read is Entwined by A.J. Rosen and let me just start out by saying I loved it!

Entwined follows Avery Montgomery, a 17 year old girl who just so happens to be a descendent of the greek gods. In the world of Entwined there are descendants of greek gods called the Hellenicus. They live all over the world and the Nescient, or regular people, have no idea.

Every year The Gathering takes place – a month of events and fun for the Hellenicus to get together or gather if you will. In greek mythology, humans originally had two faces, four legs, and four arms and were punished by Zeus who split them in half. In mythology, this is how soulmates were created. For the Hellenicus, they were given the gift of the “click” by Apollo, which makes it easier for them to find their soulmates. It can happen any time after you turn 18 and when you “click” with your soulmates you can hear each others thoughts.

It all sounds great and clicking with your soulmate all sounds so romantic, unless you’re Avery who desperately does not want to find hers and will do anything to avoid the click. With her 18th birthday fast approaching she needs to figure out a way out of this. She is at her first Gathering with her best friend, Kris and Kris’ older brother – the quiet, protective, and handsome Vlad Ambrosia and Kris’ cousin, Adrian Ambrosia who is cute, outgoing, and fun-loving. As much as she does not want to find her soulmate, she finds herself drawn to both Vlad and Adrian. And as she navigates the Gathering and her confusing feelings, mysterious things keep happening to her, her parents are being weird, and she thinks people might be following her.

I was invested in the story from the get-go and I love both guys she’s conflicted about although I think I know who I would pick!

Entwined was originally a Wattpad story and A.J. Rosen has two more books in the trilogy on the site that I need to check out to find out what happens next! I am hoping the other books will be published!

If you enjoy YA fiction/love stories/a modern twist on greek mythology then definitely check this out!

*I was sent this book complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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