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I have been all over the place this week. Stressed out with work, trying to find time to do all the reading I want to do, I’m tired but too busy to go to sleep earlier, etc. I’ve also felt in a funk since last weekend so I feel like like all of those other things combined has made my emotions go all over the place.

I had this post planned for today long ago, but it seems especially fitting to post today since I’m definitely not in a sunny mood.

Sunshine characters (usually in grumpyxsunshine tropes) are characters that are generally very happy and optimistic. That doesn’t mean that they are always happy and that they don’t get sad, but they have a generally sunny outlook on life.

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Some of my current favorites are:

  • Lucas Martin from The American Roommate Experiment. Even though he’s going through some personal problems, he has a happy, go lucky demeanor most of the time. And he just wants to see Rosie happy.
  • Piper Bellinger from It Happened One Summer. Piper has a rich, party girl persona. She may not have true happiness at the start of the novel, but she doesn’t let people’s assumptions about her get her down.
  • Caleb Alvarez from Mixed Signals. Caleb is so nice to everyone in town. So nice that he couldn’t be deputy sheriff anymore because he let people get away with everything. While Layla in the novel is also pretty sunshine-y herself, I think Caleb is moreso especially since he wants Layla to know how beautiful and awesome she is and that she deserves so much more than what other guys have offered her.
  • Summer Di Laurentis from The Chase. Summer is so bubbly and I love her so much! She is truly one of my favorite characters. She’s bubbly, but not to the point of irritating in my opinion. She struggles with how people see her academically due to her learning disability, but she’s smart and as sweet as she can be she also won’t stand for people thinking she’s only getting by because of her family’s money or connections.

Have you read any of these books? If you have, do you love any of these characters? I’ve already started compiling a new list of fav sunshine characters!

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