Book Review: It Happened One Summer

I cannot stress enough how much I absolutely loved It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey. It was my first Tessa Bailey book and it did not disappoint. The comedic moments, the love, the spice, the heartache and happy ending – all perfection.

If you’re a fan of the show Schitt’s Creek, Piper, the main female character of the novel is based on Alexis. It’s not a total copy of the character but just in the little mannerisms like the limp wrists (lol) and the fact that she’s really rich but sent to live a more humble life where she has to learn to fend for herself.

The novel follows Piper and Brendan. Piper grew up in Los Angeles raised by her mom and stepfather – a famous Hollywood producer. She’s 28 and her job is that of a socialite. After lashing out by throwing an illegal party after a breakup and spending part of the night in jail, her stepfather has had enough and sends her to Westport, Washington – a small fishing town. Her late father was a fisherman who also owned a bar in the town. Piper has no real memories of the town since her mother moved away from the town after her husband’s death with her daughters were very young. Piper is to spend 3 months in Westport living in the apartment above the bar and maybe learn some responsibility. Not wanting her sister to go through this alone, Hannah, Piper’s younger sister goes too.

Arriving in a small town that is worlds away from what she is used to is a wake-up call for Piper who doesn’t even know how to make spaghetti. Brendan, a sea captain and native of Westport, likes his routines, doesn’t really like change and thinks these LA girls are going to be more trouble than they’re worth. But Piper’s upbeat, sunny personality makes it hard for him to not want to help her out even if he does it while grumbling. Of course they soon realize they actually like getting to know each other and can’t get enough of one another. But can Piper see herself staying in a small town? Can Brendan deal with his feelings that having Piper stay would mean she has to sacrifice everything (in his mind at least)?

I’m so in love with Piper & Brendan and this book. I know it might seem at first that Piper will take some getting used to/isn’t going to be likable because she starts off like a spoiled rich girl, but it only took me a chapter or two to really like her. Yes, she grew up extremely privileged, but she doesn’t arrive in Westport expecting people to do things for her. She’s not rude or demeaning and doesn’t act like the townspeople are beneath her. She actually wants to learn how to do things and she really tries. The second encounter she has with Brendan is actually at the grocery store and she’s trying to figure out ingredients to buy to try to make dinner for her sister to thank her for coming with her. Long story short, Piper is very likeable!

This book is perfect if you like steamy romcoms and the grumpy sunshine trope!

It is being turned into a movie and I can’t wait to see it. I hope it’s done well!

The follow up novel, Hook, Line, & Sinker is next up for me. It follows the story of Hannah, Piper’s sister, and Fox, Brendan’s best friend – both of whom we see in It Happened One Summer. I wasn’t sure the novel could measure up to It Happened One Summer since I love that one so much but I read the prologue yesterday which was a few pages of text messages between Hannah and Fox and omg, adorable! I plan to start that this weekend after I put a good dent in some of the other things I’m reading first.

Let me know if you’ve read It Happened One Summer!

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