Book Review: Christmas on the Thirteenth Floor

It’s my first holiday book review of the season! I recently read Christmas on the Thirteenth Floor by Lee Jacquot. It’s the Christmas novella in the Holinight series, which I believe are all standalones.

In the novella, Roman Chen is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Presley is his personal assistant and she can’t stand her boss, though she can admit he’s pretty hot. Roman seems to take pleasure in being a difficult boss to her and it seems like he’s only a jerk to her because everyone else loves him. Presley is counting down the days until she can leave her job and pursue her real passion, writing. Just to annoy Presley, Roman requires her to attend the company Christmas party when he knows she’d really rather just go home. After learning that Presley will be leaving her job soon, all bets are off and the tension that has been brewing between the two for years comes to a head.

The novella was a quick read and delivered on the spice with a holiday setting. The storyline was okay, but not amazing, in my opinion. Still, I thought it was a good, fast, spicy Christmas story!

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