Book Review: Twisted Lies

I’ve reached the end of the Twisted series with Twisted Lies and I’m in withdrawals. I loved this series so much and I am so happy that I loved the fourth and final book.

To briefly recap – we are first introduced to the four main girls and best friends Ava, Bridget, Jules, and Stella in the first book, Twisted Love. Twisted Love follows Ava and Alex. Alex is a wealthy real estate CEO. Twisted Games follows Bridget and Rhys. Bridget is the princess of Eldorra who met the other girls in college in DC and they all became best friends. Rhys is her bodyguard who works for Harper Security. Twisted Hate is about Jules and Josh. Josh is Ava’s brother and Alex’s best friend.

That brings us to Twisted Lies. Twisted Lies follows Stella and Christian. Stella is an influencer and blogger and she works for a fashion magazine as her day job. Christian is the billionaire CEO of Harper Security and cyber security expert. We first met Christian in Twisted Games because he’s Rhys’ boss and friend. Then in Twisted Hate he lets Jules and Stella move into his super fancy apartment building for a fraction of the normal rent and he helps Jules out with an issue she’s having. Now in Twisted Lies he and Stella begin fake dating for both of their benefits. Stella’s following on Instagram has been stagnant for a while and posting mysterious things about a new boyfriend could give her a boost and help her get clinch a deal as brand ambassador with a high-end brand. Christian could use a date to all the functions he attends so people stop trying to set him up or trying to get with him themselves. Their deal takes a more serious turn when a stalker from Stella’s past resurfaces and begins to harass her again so she has to move in with Christian.

I loved this book! Christian and Stella were perfect. When I think of the fake dating trope I think romcom, but this is definitely not a romcom and is more of a dark romance, which was definitely a fun, entertaining, and spicy change!

I really enjoyed watching Christian and Stella fall in love. Stella needed to accept what really makes her happy and fulfilled and not worry about what other people think about her. Christian had to come to terms with his growing feelings for Stella when he has never been the type of person to believe in love let alone want a relationship. I loved how Stella felt truly herself with Christian and like whatever she did or thought, he’d never judge her. I loved how Stella knew that Christian has a dark side and accepts all of him. It’s just so good!

We also get appearances from the other girls and guys, which I love. I always enjoy seeing what characters I love are up to.

I’m not sure if I love Christian or Rhys more. For girls, I think Jules might still be my fav, but Stella and Bridget may be tied very closely behind Jules. Ava is good too as are Alex and Josh, they just aren’t my absolute favs.

I’m sad to be done with this series, but I know I’ll revisit them in the future and I can’t wait to start the Kings of Sin series Ana Huang has started to publish. I know the first book, King of Wrath, which came out not too long ago is about Dante and Vivian who made appearances in the last two books of the Twisted series so I’m excited about that!

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