Book Review: The Cheat Sheet

I’ve heard about The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams for a really long time. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how it’s a really cute romance so obviously it’s been on my tbr for a while. I finally read it this week and it was such a quick read. I read it in 2 days!

The novel is dual POV and follows Bree Camden and Nathan Donelson. Bree and Nathan have been best friends since high school, minus the years they were in college and didn’t speak. They ran in to each other in LA after college and became best friends again and so they have been inseparable for the past 6 years. Now, Nathan is a star NFL quarterback and Bree is a ballet teacher and studio owner after an accident dashed her dreams of becoming a professional ballerina.

They are always there for each other. And they’ve both been in love with each other since high school but have never told the other. But after a night out when an entertainment reporter witnesses a sweet moment between the two, rumors start flying that they’re a couple. The public loves them together and they even get brands that want them to do commercials for them as a couple. They decide to fake date until after playoffs end for good publicity for Nathan and some much needed money for Bree, because she and her studio need money and she refuses to take any from Nathan.

Bree is convinced that Nathan’s flirting is just for show to convince people they’re really dating. Nathan thinks maybe it’s time to finally tell Bree how he feels about her. With the help of his good friends/teammates, they come up with a cheat sheet like quarterbacks have on their forearms during plays to get Nathan out of the friendzone. Will the two finally express their love for each other? Will they be able to become more than just best friends?

I loved the book and it was a really sweet friends to lovers romance! It is close door, but still really sweet. I love Bree and Nathan together and how close they are. They know each other better than anyone. The ending, epilogue, and bonus chapter were so good too!

I know Sarah Adams is starting to venture in to open door romance and a sequel to this is coming out next year about Nathan’s friend and teammate, Derek. I’m not sure if this is going to be open-door or not but based on the synopsis, I think so?!

This was my first Sarah Adams book but I have two other books by her on my bookshelf and I can’t wait to read them!

Read this if you want to read a closed-door friends to lovers, fake dating, sports romcom.

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