Books I Love with Texting

I love when there’s texting in books! It’s always such a fun glimpse at the characters relationship and usually filled with banter or even just heartwarming conversations. Here are some books with texting that I love and an example from each book.

Book Lovers – Nora and Charlie have such a cute and banter filled text relationship. Their emails before the texting started are really good too!

In Hook, Line, & Sinker the whole prologue is all texting between Fox and Hannah and I absolutely love it!

Better than the Movies is hands down my favorite YA romcom. Wes and Liz banter is just as good through text as it is when they’re together.

A Not So Meet Cute is hilarious and the texting between Huxley and Lottie is just as funny.

I’m convinced Lynn Painter is the queen of banter, because I loved the texting in The Love Wager just as much as in herher YA romcom Better than the Movies.

The cute and funny messaging between Scott and Crystal in Set On You started in their DMs, but then migrated over to texting!

Like I said, Lynn Painter is the queen of banter. Mr. Wrong Number is one of my favorite books and Olivia and Colin are so funny together!

Do you love books with texting as much as I do?

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