Book Review: A Not So Meet Cute

I read my first Meghan Quinn book, a Christmas novella, Resting Scrooge Face, during the holidays and really enjoyed it. On top of that I always see people rave about her books on Instagram especially the Cane Brothers series. After being on my tbr for quite a while, I finally read the first book in the series, A Not So Meet Cute and spoiler alert – I loved it so much!

This romcom is a dual POV and is seriously laugh out loud funny and deliciously spicy.

Huxley Cane is the eldest Cane brother. They are billionaires in LA who run a real estate enterprise. When Huxley is having trouble closing a deal, his brothers say he needs to be more casual/less serious about business to be able to relate to Dave. When he runs into Dave and Dave’s pregnant fiancée outside a deli, he panics and says he is also engaged and his fiancée is also pregnant! He knows what a mistake this all is, but can’t help himself, desperate to close this deal. Now he needs someone willing to be his fake fiancée and pregnant to be pregnant.

Lottie has a business degree and has spent the past year working for her on/off rich, toxic friend from high school to help her build her social media presence and lifestyle brand. She barely made any money, but was promised a big raise after 1 year but her friend became a huge hit and of course instead of getting the raise, she was fired. With barely any money in her bank account, student loans to pay, and having promised her parents she would be moving out when she got her promotion in 2 weeks, Lottie is in a tough spot. Her sister, Kelsey, has a start up company for sustainable organization, but right now it’s just her and she can’t afford to pay Lottie to help her out. She also lives in a tiny studio which means Lottie can’t realistically live with her either.

Then, fate intervenes! Lottie goes for a walk in the neighborhood by her parents house called The Flats. Her parents are middle class, but they live right on the border of a very posh LA neighborhood. She goes for a walk hoping she might run into a rich man and she can pull a Pretty Woman, minus the prostitution. She just so happens to run into Huxley, a stranger. When they realize they could help each other out, they strike a deal. She will pretend to be his pregnant fiancée for his business deal and he will pay off her student loans and give her a place to live. He will also pretend to be her fiancée at her high school reunion coming up which is being planned by ex-friend/ex-boss, Angela.

Of course, the forced proximity and fake dating makes Huxley and Lottie have to spend a lot of time together. They both try to tell themselves that nothing can happen between them because this is strictly business, but their initial attraction to each other doesn’t help matters. Will they be able to keep this professional? Spoiler: things get spicy!

This book was so funny. I actually laughed out loud multiple times! I loved both Huxley and Lottie. Huxley was perfect book boyfriend material and Lottie was hilarious and adorably chaotic.

Yes, there is a third act breakup, but what I seriously appreciated is that the breakup is very short lived which I loved because I was not in the mind frame for emotional turmoil while reading this over the weekend!

I can’t wait to read book 2 which focuses on Huxley’s brother JP and Lottie’s sister, Kelsey!

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