Which Cane Brother is Your Favorite?

You may have seen my posts over the past 2 weeks with my reviews for the Cane Brothers series by Meghan Quinn. The books are A Not So Meet Cute, So Not Meant to Be, and A Long Time Coming. Each brother is book boyfriend material in my opinion, but are all different. If you’ve read the books – which one is your favorite?

I picked out a few aesthetic photos for each brother along with a quote for each!

First up is is Huxley from A Not So Meet Cute. He is the grumpiest of the three brothers, but not so grumpy that I’d classify the book as a grumpyxsunshine. He’s definitely the most alpha and serious about business, but he’ll do anything for Lottie.

Next, is JP in So Not Meant to Be. He’s the funniest out of all the brothers and is known to be a flirt and charmer. JP comes off as not taking things as seriously as his brothers, but he is good at his job and would never do anything to purposely jeopardize his family company. He might be known as a player, but he will do anything for Kelsey to see that he can be all in for her.

The youngest Cane brother is Breaker. Breaker is incredibly good looking like his brothers, but also a big nerd with a love for games, Comic Con etc. He is the least alpha of the three, but can turn it on in the bedroom no problem. He is the best friend to Lia and so attentive. He’s easy going and chill, but also very smart.

I really don’t know for sure which brother is my favorite, because I love them all for different reasons! I love the alphahole personality of Huxley, the charming personality of JP, and the nerdy personality of Breaker. I guess if I absolutely had to choose I might choose Breaker just because he seems like a good mix of his two older brothers. But, I really can’t choose definitively!

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